Tough Mama Induction Cooker Review

As someone scared of using the gas stove for cooking, I knew that this one cooking appliance could be my best friend: the induction cooker. Cooking food using an induction cooker is similar to cooking it over an open flame, and both methods may be used interchangeably. My induction cooker has made cooking easier since I bought one from Tough Mama. But what exactly is an induction cooker? An induction cooker is a kind of cooking appliance that uses an electromagnetic field to heat food. This type of cooker is more efficient than traditional cooking methods, and it is also much safer. They make use of less energy than traditional cooking techniques, and in addition to that, they cook food in a shorter time. This cooking buddy is suitable for anyone who wants to benefit from the convenience of quick meal preparation. They are helpful for those who have a limited amount of time to cook delicious and nutritious meals but want to do so. Induction cookers are also suitable for those who live in apartments or other small spaces since they are much more compact than traditional gas or electric cookers. After putting the Tough Mama induction cooker through tests, I am now in a position to give opinions about the product, including its cost, the way to use it, and the brand itself.

Tough Mama induction cooker price

The Tough Mama induction cookers’ prices range from P2,000 to P4,000. They are different depending on the capacity they have, the features they have, the materials they are made of, the promos, and the store that sells them. The most affordable variant is already made with a high-quality ceramic top plate and offers seven cooking settings. Not only those, but it also has a digital display which makes it look truly innovative. For me, this basic model already does the job! Meanwhile, the most expensive Tough Mama induction cooker works with digital infrared, and it is made of A-Grade black crystal glass and a stainless-steel body. Its best feature is that it can cook with any kind of pot. Regardless of the price, I believe that Tough Mama has made all their induction cookers with excellent quality. 

Whether an induction cooker is worth the money depends on your individual needs and budget. Nowadays, induction cookers are generally less expensive than traditional electric or gas cookers. Imagine not having to purchase a tank of LPG now and then. The Tough Mama induction cooker also has more safety features, such as automatic shutoff if the pan is removed or overheats. Ultimately, you’re the one to decide whether an induction cooker is worth the money. But with my experience, my Tough Mama induction cooker has helped me save more.

Price needs to be considered in cooking because it can affect the quality of ingredients used, the dish’s overall flavor, and the cost of the meal. Why am I saying this? Because ever since I used my Tough Mama induction cooker, I have not compromised the quality of the ingredients I used. When I was using the flame for cooking food, I always worried about the amount of gas my meal preparation may consume. Thus, I would end up cooking easy-to-prepare meals. My family and I always ate those that I could quickly finish in just a few minutes. Now that we are using a Tough Mama induction cooker which only costs a small amount, we no longer worry about when to refill our LPG tank.

How to use the induction cooker of Tough Mama

As I’ve mentioned in the first part, working with induction cookers is a piece of cake. They are user-friendly to the elderly and to individuals who have a fear of fire (like me). Here are the basic steps for using the Tough Mama induction cooker: First, place the induction cooker on a flat, stable surface. Make sure that there is at least 30 cm of free space around the induction cooker for safety purposes. Second, plug the power cord into a power outlet. Third, check if the power switch or button is in the “Off” mode. Next, review whether you’re using a Tough Mama induction cooker that requires compatible cookware or one that can work with any pot. Secure the cookware on the induction cooker, but make sure the surface of the cooker and the bottom of the pot/pan are dry. Actually, it can work even if they’re slightly wet, but dry areas make your preparation cleaner and safer. Fifth, turn the power on. Set the desired temperature using the temperature buttons, and set the timer if needed. Of course, you must monitor the cooking process and adjust the temperature and time as desired. When cooking is finished, turn it off. If you set the timer, it will automatically turn off once done. Lastly, allow the induction cooker and cookware to cool before cleaning.

When cleaning the Tough Mama induction cooker, I unplug it from the power source and let it cool down. After that, I clean the exterior of the induction cooker with a towel that has been dampened with room-temperature water. A gentle cleaning agent, such as mild dish soap, is enough to clean the interior. To dry the interior of the induction cooker, I simply use a soft dry cloth.

Here are some reminders: Even if induction cookers are less dangerous, safety should always be a priority when using one. It is very necessary to carefully follow all of the directions for its correct application in order to avoid any potential accidents or dangers. When installing an induction cooker, make sure to read the manual that comes with it. You will have a better knowledge of how to make appropriate and efficient use of the equipment by reading it. Be sure to follow all instructions, including the installation process. Keep anything flammable, such as curtains, away from the device. And keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of an emergency. Never leave it unattended while it is in use, even if the timer is on. Regularly clean the surface of the cooker and remove any grease or food that may accumulate. If your induction cooker needs compatible cookware, never use aluminum or copper pots or pans with it, as those can cause potential damage to the device. Finally, always unplug the induction cooker when it is not in use. This will help prevent any potential hazards or accidents from occurring.

Is Tough Mama a good brand for induction cookers?

You can say you have a good experience using an induction cooker if it offers characteristics such as accurate temperature control, rapid heating, and simple operating settings. In addition, for the cooker to be regarded as outstanding, it must be long-lasting, have a low energy footprint, and be equipped with safety measures such as protection against overheating. There are tons of induction cooker brands out there, but I decided to get one from Tough Mama because the brand has been tried and tested in our household for many years. For me, Tough Mama Appliances provides the Philippine market with the most advanced induction cooker. Although there are other brands on the market that are more well-known and sold in more countries, Tough Mama offers comparable performance at a lesser price.

In terms of both performance and durability, my Tough Mama induction cooker has been doing quite well. I’ve been cooking with no messy oil, no open flame, and no stove required. In addition, this product can be used in any kitchen! It is incredibly versatile kitchen equipment that may be used to prepare a broad range of foods, such as stews, stir-fries, curries, and more.   No wonder I had seen high ratings for them when I was looking for an induction cooker. Aside from that, Tough Mama also offers a free lifetime warranty service on a prominent e-commerce platform in the Philippines. We all know that warranties are beneficial because they provide peace of mind to consumers that they will be protected if the product malfunctions or fails to meet expectations. They are also a form of insurance for the manufacturer in case of a defective product, and they even provide an incentive for consumers to purchase their product. Undoubtedly, warranties can help build customer loyalty and trust in a company’s product. This is also the reason why I chose Tough Mama. They are committed to serving their customers even after sales. In conclusion, the Tough Mama brand of induction cookers is not only good; it is one of the best brands available. You get more than what is needed. It can even make great gifts, depending on the recipient. They are energy efficient and can be great for people looking to save on energy costs. Additionally, they are easy to use, making them a good choice for those trying to simplify their cooking routine. However, only some people are comfortable with induction cooking, so consider the individual before buying an induction cooker as a gift. So, what are you waiting for? Go and snag yourself a Tough Mama induction cooker off the shelf!

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