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A healthier option for dogs: Aozi dog food

As a furmom of three dogs, I want nothing but the best nutrition for my furbabies, which is why I ensure to get dog food that is not only nutritious but also something delicious that my dogs can enjoy. Depending on your dog’s personality, they can sometimes be picky when it comes to their food, but, as furparents, we must ensure that our dogs have their dose of nutrients that will last them throughout the day. I want my dogs to eat good food and ensure a healthy lifestyle, so I chose to try Aozi dog food.

Aozi dog food is for furparents who want the healthiest option for their dogs without having to splurge so much cash on dog food. All dogs deserve the best nutrition and Aozi offers just that without you having to empty your pocket.

Aozi is a dog food brand known for not using chemical preservatives and artificial ingredients that can be harmful to dogs. Aozi dog food is all organic and boosts dogs’ health and energy by supplying them with the right amounts of vitamins and minerals.


Dogs can choose between several flavors that offer great taste and nutritional value. Aozi dog food products come in three flavors – beef, chicken, lamb and salmon. Most, if not all, dogs love the taste of beef, but if your dog has a different taste, they might like the other flavors. I have three dogs with different favorite flavors for Aozi dog food, but they devour it all the same. One of my dogs was a picky eater but after trying other dog food brands and flavors, she only liked eating Aozi! You can also have your dog try the different Aozi flavors to find out which one is their favorite.


Dogs need different nutrients for different life stages, and Aozi dog food offers just that! Aozi dog food has options for all kinds of dogs.

The dog food brand has two variations:

Aozi Gold is for adults and Aozi Silver is for pups and pregnant and lactating dogs.

Daisy, my eldest dog, has been eating Aozi dog food since she was a puppy up until now as an adult female dog, and she’s been loving it so far! Dogs are less likely to get bored of their food, so you don’t have to change your dog’s food unless you think it is necessary (which I doubt because Aozi is pretty good). You could also add some fresh ingredients every now and then to better round up your dog’s diet.

Aozi Dog Food Ingredients

Aozi is best known for being organic and free of chemicals and artificial flavors. It has fresh and natural ingredients that are good for both adult dogs and pups!

The packaging provides information on the product’s ingredients and nutritional content, so you might want to check. Aozi dog food for adults (Aozi gold) has fresh meat, fish, beef, wheat, spirulina, plant oil, bean powder, vitamins and minerals. For puppies and pregnant/lactating dogs, Aozi silver has fresh meat, deep sea fish, milk, wheat, spirulina, plant oil, beef, bean powder, vitamins and minerals. Aozi dog food is also loaded with omega fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9.

These ingredients help puppies grow more vigorously and support their full range of growth. These ingredients also help pregnant and lactating dogs with bone and joint strength, which are greatly affected pre and post-partum.

More about the ingredients

Aozi dog food is jam-packed with all these ingredients, but what do these ingredients actually do for your canine?

Since the main component of this dog food brand is meat/beef, let me talk about it first. All types of meat, especially beef, are high in protein. Beef has the highest protein content and provides the best nutritional value with high levels of vitamins and minerals. Protein is known to be the key to muscle development, growth and strength. Dogs who consume a good amount of protein have healthier hair and skin, and have better muscle strength and development.

Aozi dog food also has wheat. Wheat aids in digestion and is also a good source of fiber and carbohydrates for dogs. A good amount of wheat ingredients helps digestion and provides dogs with the energy they need for daily activities. While all these benefits are true, some dogs may also be allergic to this ingredient. Symptoms usually associated with grain allergies are red or itchy skin, hair loss with consistent scratching or chewing, inflammation of under-paws and obsessive licking. If your dog consumes wheat and does not show these symptoms, Aozi may be suitable for them! While my eldest dog had no problem eating Aozi, my youngest dog seemed to show some signs of grain allergy, which is why we had to switch her diet. At the end of the day, choosing what to feed your furbaby really boils down to what is best for your dog.

Although wheat may cause allergy problems for your dogs, Aozi dog food has an allergy-relieving ingredient. Another significant ingredient in Aozi dog food is spirulina, a highly nutritious microalgae with many health benefits for dogs (and humans). These blue-green algae have about 60% protein and loads of antioxidants that are good for your furbaby. Spirulina boosts a dog’s immune system, aids digestion, improves thyroid function and potentially possesses anti-cancer properties. Indeed, spirulina is a powerhouse ingredient when it comes to dog food!

Omega acids are also star ingredients in Aozi dog food. Omega acids serve as fat and are considered healthy calories for your dog. Generally, omega acids provide energy, modulate inflammation, help absorb vitamins and minerals, and promote brain and heart health.

The omega-3 fatty acid is a good source of DHA that supports a puppy’s growth and development. It promotes the proper function of the dog’s nervous system, brain and eyesight. Omega-3 also helps relieve inflammation, skin problems, and joint issues. Omega-6, like omega-3, is also essential and healthy for your dog. It aids cell function and is necessary for normal reproduction, growth, immunity, and healthy skin and coat.

The health benefits that come with the product’s ingredients greatly support our furbaby’s growth and overall health. While some ingredients may cause allergies, generally, Aozi dog food seems good for dogs. However, it is still important to observe your dog after consuming a type of dog food for the first time just in case they might have allergic reactions.


A kilo of Aozi dog food may range from 150 PHP to 200 PHP. Note that the prices for different flavors may vary from one pet store to another, but rest assured that Aozi dog food is affordable wherever you purchase it! Many local pet stores now offer Aozi dog food, but you can also buy Aoz dog food online. Online shopping platforms such as Lazada, Shopee and other online stores also sell Aozi dog food in the same price range.

Social Feedback

Many furparents who feed Aozi to their dogs are satisfied with how their furbabies react to this dog food. Dog owners claim there was significantly less dog stool odor when their dog started eating Aozi and many of them were pleased with this. Choosing Aozi is also very convenient for pet owners because it is affordable and budget-friendly, considering all the good ingredients packed in this product! A win-win for furparents and furbabies indeed!

While many of these reviews from Aozi users are good, some furparents express concern about the product’s manufacturing. While sources say Aozi was formulated in Europe and manufactured in China, there seems to be a lack of transparency on where the product was made. There are also not a lot of sources to address this concern.

Is Aozi a good dog food brand for my dog?

After reviewing the product’s ingredients and flavors and going over the feedback of other pet owners, Aozi dog food is highly recommended for these primary reasons:

  1. It is healthy, organic, nutritious and rich in vitamins and minerals
  2. It is budget-friendly and afforable
  3. It is accessible and available in a lot of pet stores

The ingredients in Aozi dog food are proven and tested. Aozi is a good choice for your pet as it is filled with many vitamins and minerals to support your dog’s overall health. From keeping their internal organs healthy to making sure their coat is shiny, Aozi dog food has the ingredients to take care of those. In choosing this dog food brand, you will also be able to provide your furbaby with all these nutrients and health benefits without having to empty your pocket. “Organic” used to sound expensive before but, with Aozi, you don’t have to spend too much for your dog to have the healthier option.

At the end of the day, it is our best discretion to decide how we take care of our furbabies and how we take care of them, but surely we all want the healthiest and safest option for them.

Check out your nearest pet store today to try Aozi dog food!




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