Nutri Chunks Dog Food Review


Dogs can be one of the most wonderful fur friends and family members. They give you feelings of love, compassion, and devotion, especially when you are anxious or stressed out. Our dog’s presence also aids us in unwinding and relaxing, even if we are too preoccupied to notice. Joyful and fun, having a dog in our home makes surviving the day a little less exhausting.

But there is a significant level of responsibility that comes along with dog ownership, especially for puppies. Puppies demand a considerable amount of both attention and time from some of our busy fur parents. To ensure that we show appreciation for their warmth and comfort despite our hectic lives, we must give them their needs. One way to demonstrate this is by providing them with delicious, high-quality food.

In this article, I have reviewed the critically acclaimed Nutri Chunks to guide you in finding better food options for your fur pet. This product has been recommended by veterinarians and has passed international standards for healthy and safe dog food. Now leading as the top dog food brand in the Philippines, Nutri Chunks is equipped with high protein and prebiotics that improves their immune system. 

 To give a full review of this product, Nutri Chunks is meticulously formulated using different nutritious ingredients such as corn, wheat, wheat bran, meat, and bone meal (Bovine). It also contains soybean meal, full-fat soybean, poultry meal, corn gluten meal, chicken fat, fish meal, vitamins, minerals, and Yucca extract.

Vets and dog nutritionists carefully research these ingredients to help aid in their development and growth, which is effective for pups across different breeds. Specifically, some of the benefits your dog will get from eating Nutri Chunks are:

  • The ActivBoost Formula is the perfect balance of proteins, lipids, and carbs to meet your day-to-day requirements for energy.
  • Providing High-Quality Protection enhances the quality of feces while simultaneously reducing odor.
  • Yucca Extract both enhances the quality of stools and lessens their odor.
  • Mannan Oligosaccharide is a natural prebiotic that improves the digestive tract’s health and the immune system.
  • The supplementation of pups with omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to boost the puppies’ cognitive abilities.
  • Calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D all work together to keep bones and teeth in good shape.

Nutri Chunks Dog Food Ingredients

You may wonder, “What do all these components in Nutri Chunks dog food truly do for your dog?”

Let’s begin with the meat that makes up the bulk of this dog food brand. Meat, particularly beef, is an excellent source of protein. It has the most wholesome nutritional value due to its high protein and vitamin/mineral content. So what does protein do for your dogs? Protein is vital for building muscle and maintaining size and strength. A protein-rich diet benefits our furbabies’ health in many ways, including becoming more muscular in physique, stronger hair and skin, and an overall better appearance.

Wheat is also incorporated within Nutri Chunks. Given its high fiber content, this ingredient assists dogs in digesting their food better, providing your furbabies with the energy necessary for everyday tasks. Even though this ingredient has many positive effects, some dogs may be hypersensitive to it. For instance, red or itchy skin, hair loss due to excessive itching or gnawing, inflammation of the paws, and compulsive licking are typical reactions to wheat allergies. If your dog eats wheat but doesn’t show any of these symptoms, Nutri Chunks could be a good choice. One of my adult Shih Tzus is allergic to wheat, but none of her puppies ever showed signs of being allergic. What you feed your dog comes down to what you believe is appropriate for your dog.

The Nutri Chunks dog food also has healthy omega acids as the main component. You might be under the impression that omega fatty acids are healthy fats that provide your pets with more energy. In general, the consumption of omega acids is helpful since they improve energy levels, lower inflammatory rates, make it easier for the body to absorb nutrients, and safeguard cognitive and cardiovascular function.

The omega-3 fatty acid may be beneficial to the growth and development of a puppy since it has a high source of DHA that a puppy needs. Because of this, the dog’s brain and eyes are able to function more efficiently. In fact, the anti-inflammatory effects of omega-3 may help with skin problems, joint discomfort, and inflammation. In addition to omega-3, your dog’s diet should also include omega-6 since it is essential and good for their health. It is contingent upon regular reproduction, growth, immunity, as well as healthy skin and coat.

The ingredients of the product, with all of its health benefits, are a huge benefit to our fur pup’s growth and overall well-being. Even though Nutri Chunks dog food might include allergens that some dogs are sensitive to, it seems to be safe for the vast majority of pups. In spite of this, it is crucial to monitor your dog for some time after he or she tries a new type of dog food to ensure that they do not acquire any food allergies.

Where to Order Nutri Chunks Dog Food?

 It is important to keep in mind that the costs for the various flavors of Nutri Chunk dog food may change from one pet shop to another, but you can be sure that the brand’s food is always reasonably priced.  You can place an order for your furbaby’s favorite premium dog food through any of our online stores, including the following:

You may also find our products at a variety of animal feed shops, pet stores, and supermarkets around the country! Through our HOME DELIVERY services, you may also locate a door-to-door dealer in your area, allowing you to purchase Nutri Chunks without leaving the comfort of your own home. Give your furry kid Nutri Chunks to make get them #ListoGanado!

The Verdict

Nutri Chunks dog food is strongly recommended upon looking at the product’s components and varieties and reading what other dog lovers speak about it. First, it is organic, wholesome, and nutrient-dense, loaded with various vitamins and minerals. Second, is accessible on the wallet and quite affordable. And lastly, it is easy to get and may be found at various establishments that offer dogs.

Nutri Chunks dog food only uses products that are safe and effective. Nutri Chunks is an excellent option if you want to give your dog a healthy boost since it’s packed with nutrients. Furthermore, this dog food has nutrients that may take better care of a dog’s necessities in a wide range of areas, from maintaining the health of their body systems to ensuring that their hair is glossy. If you go with this special kind of dog food, you won’t just save money, but you’ll also be able to give your fur pet key to all of these vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients, as well as a host of other positive health effects.

The choices we make about the health and safety of our pets are ultimately up to us, but we can all agree that we want what’s best for them.


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