Good Boy Dog Food Review


Is Good Boy Dog Food Healthy?

The rise of different dog foods in the market are constantly increasing and as fur parents, we need to be very keen on what our fur babies should eat. Thus, they should have a healthy diet. That includes protein, vitamins, and other nutrients they should take. But how are they going to get all those supplements in one food?

As we continue this journey to discover what Good Boy Dog Food has to offer (Good Boy Original Adult and Good Boy Puppy) As fur “pawrents”, we should consider first the vital statistics and attitudes of our fur children; their body type, all the favorite food that they like specifically healthy food, how many times do they need a walk in the park or are they on the leash at home but still needs to have that daily exercise? as well as, are they picky eaters? For those fur parents who doesn’t know that their four-legged babies have different attitudes, you probably are not certified dog lovers because yes, they too, will have tantrums like a real human child which means your fur babies needs attention not only in the amount of time you bond with them but also, the food you give them which affects the totality of their mood.

We don’t want them to be sad right? That is why, I am doing you all a favor of giving you some proof that other than the treats you give your baby dogs, an amount of proper dog food should always be number one on your grocery list and that number one dog food is of course Good Boy Dog Food. I know it sounds cliché to just assume it’s number one but nevertheless, I wouldn’t be bragging the ample amounts of beneficial nutrients it has if it’s not factual.

Are you ready to hear my intensive research on what Good Boy Dog Food’s healthy essential ingredients has to offer? Well, I’ll take that as a yes! First, let’s talk about the healthy ingredients; it has milk, egg, and beef which are healthy sources of protein that will help build up healthy bones, gums, and teeth. The protein sources are a definite need especially if your fur child is quite teething on everything hard and just loves to chew it all out. Whereas, the Good Boy Dog Food have stronger kibbles that will allow them to chew longer which aids in cleansing their teeth in order for them to decrease the build-up of tooth decay. Also, make sure to give them safe toys that will not harm their daily chewing habit.

Aside from that, it will increase their strands of hair which might probably give them shampoo commercial locks, perhaps, a fur baby head turner in the process? I know right? Your future four-legged heartthrob. Furthermore, it will also make them active, and smarter. Hence, healthy dog food also promotes healthy appetite. Thus, an activity a day will keep the veterinarian away. Just like human beings, we need to have healthy food intake that our body requires in order for us to function well physically and mentally. Moreover, it’s the same thing for our fur babies. As what the Good Boy Dog Food’s slogan says “Eat Smart, Eat Healthy!”    


I have said a lot of good things about Good Boy Dog Food, however, on a serious note, we also have to consider not only the Pros but also the Cons. So, as I’ve mentioned earlier, Good Boy Dog Food has a lot of healthy ingredients that your beautiful dogs need; it will make their bones stronger, increase and maintain their healthy hair, can make them physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy as well. Aside from that, it is a well-known fact that according to loyal customers, Good Boy Little which is a Good Boy dog food version for puppies is stimulated with fibers thus, is a great help in the dog’s digestive tract because as fiber ferments into fatty acids it supports the prevention of digestive problems in dogs. Also, the kibbles can be a substitute for chicken bone for it has an almost the same outcome when dogs need to chew harder as a way of cleaning their teeth whereas, if you see your little dogs loves to chew hard stuff what better way to avoid destroying furniture is to give them Good Boy Little Dog Food. Hence, they really need to start young to be certified health buffs in the future.


Now, what about the cons? To be honest, I couldn’t find any and that is by far coming from reviews of paw parents. However, in normal circumstances, we all know that anything excessive is bad, so we should be responsible fur parents and always monitor the amount of dog food intake depending on the age of your fur babies thus, their physical attributes, medical condition, and personal taste should also be taken into consideration in order to avoid problems.


Good Boy Dog Food follows the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (AAFCO) basic dog food nutrition requirements. For adult dogs 1 year and up.

Good Boy Dog Food comes is 2kgs, 5kgs, 10kgs, and 20kgs packages.

  • Crude Protein, Min. – 21%
  • Crude Fat, Min. – 8%
  • Crude Fiber, Max. – 6%
  • Moisture, Max. – 10%

Added description:

  • Good boy Original 10kg
  • 100% Healthy Nutrition
  • Beef Flavor
  • Food for adult dogs of any breeds
  • 100% Nutritionally complete and balanced for adult dogs, one year and up.
  • Good boy Original is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) for adult dogs.
  • Eat Smart, Eat Healthy.

Good Boy Puppy is rich in Beef, Milk and Eggs for complete puppy nutrition up to 1 year old. In order for puppies to grow healthy they need the exact amount of nutrition that their body needs until 18 months and Good Boy Dog Food Puppy version is the best choice.

  • Complete Puppy Nutrition up to 1 year old
  • Crude Protein, Min. – 28%
  • Crude Fat, Min. – 14%
  • Crude Fiber, Max. – 4%
  • Moisture, Max. – 12%

Added description:

  • Good boy Little Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food
  • 100% Healthy Nutrition
  • Lamb and Beef Flavor
  • For Small Adult Dogs of any breeds
  • Eat Smart, Eat Healthy
  • 100% Nutritionally complete and balanced for adult dogs, one year and up
  • Good boy Little has stronger kibbles which promotes longer chewing time for your baby dogs. Thus, the longer they chew, the higher the chances of assurance that they can’t easily get dental problems in the future plus fur parents can safeguard their puppies’ gums and teeth up until they become adults.  

Where to Buy Good Boy Dog Food?

Fur Moms and Dads or Paw Parents can avail different sizes or kilograms of Good Boy Dog Food in grocery stores, official Good Boy Dog Food online shops like Shopee, and Lazada or other legit resellers as well as you can directly message and buy them through their Official Facebook Page. 


We all live in a world that constantly requires us to thrive, work hard, and have a career. That is why, oftentimes we go home exhausted hence, feeling tired. However, as pet lovers, we are immediately greeted with delight by our fur babies and that automatically vanishes the feeling of exhaustion. So, we should also reciprocate that feeling by giving them a safe and healthy environment to live in; always find time to bond with them, never let them feel neglected and most specially giving them the right amount of healthy food. And the best option is Good Boy Dog Food. It is by far, one of the most secured dog foods there is, with the right quantity of nutritional benefits, it will surely help your fur babies live a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, as fur parents, you only want what’s best for your happy fur pill thus, Good Boy Dog Food will always live up to their motto “Eat Smart, Eat Healthy!” we are all smart paw parents and health is always wealth especially for our fur babies. So, choose smart and healthy, choose Good Boy Dog Food.    


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