Top Breed Dog Food Review

Top Breed Dog Food review

Why Top Breed is the Best Dog Food Brand for Your Pet

As pet parents, we want the best for our furry babies, especially with their nutrition. After all, pets need to be healthy too, just like humans, in order to free them from illnesses that could be detrimental to their well-being. And what other ways to express our utmost care for our dogs if not looking for the best dog food brands available in the market?

In this post, we will discuss why TopBreed dog food is the smartest choice for dog owners to feed and reward their canine companions for simply being the loyal and loving home pet buddies that they are to us.

Is Top Breed a quality dog food brand?

There are a ton of dog food brands awaiting purchase and patronage from fur parents, each has its own strategies for advertising its products, but not all of them are recommended by both dog owners and veterinarians.

Having said that, pet parents need to be careful and smart in choosing the best dog food brands that are suitable to the nutritional needs of their pets.

And to answer the question, yes! Top Breed is, well, a top-breed brand for your dearest dog, having been an award-winning dog food brand for its premium quality. A testament to this fact is the world-class brand’s impressive three consecutive years of receiving an award as the best dog food brand in the Philippines for the Dry Kibble category. The award is annually given by the prestigious World Branding Awards, Animalis Edition for the said category.

Top Breed is manufactured by Robina Agri Partners, more popularly known as Universal Robina, which is a multinational company exporting goods and services largely to countries in Asia.

What makes Top Breed stand out among other brands?

Saying that it is the best dog food brand is not enough to establish and gain trust among dog food owners. So, let’s answer and elaborate more on the question, what makes it the best and most premium dog food brand among its competitors?

Besides being distinguished by international award-giving bodies, and being endorsed by celebrity vets like Dr. Nielsen Donato, host of the award-winning GMA show Born to Be Wild, its unquestionable quality could be guaranteed in its ingredients found in the packaging.

Top Breed Dog Food Ingredients

There are certain ingredients indicated in the package that your dog may be allergic to, so it is crucially important that you check it out before feeding it to your dog.

As for Top Breed, the food ingredients mainly include vegetable crops, which are doubtless advantageous to keep a sturdy immune system for your dog, alongside other helpful benefits. In addition, it contains meat meal, wheat grains, rice middling or rice bran for digestive wellness, soya meal, beef tallow preserved with vitamin E, vegetable oil, nutritional yeast, animal digest, salt, amino acids, yucca extract, vitamin and mineral premix, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, antioxidants, anti-mold, and enzymes.

These food components would enable your pup to develop better brain function, improved heart, skin, and coat health, as well as sturdy bones and teeth, and an overall invulnerable immune system.  

Moreover, Top Breed contains essential elements for well-balanced dog meals such as a minimum of 28 percent on crude protein, a minimum of 12 percent in crude fat, a maximum of 4 percent in crude fiber, and a maximum of 12 percent in moisture. 

Is Top Breed dog food expensive?

Foods that we give our dogs shouldn’t necessarily be expensive. But if the best dog food brand is a little costly but is highly recommended by dog owners and veterinarians alike, pricing shouldn’t be a problem, provided that you have the budget allotted for your pet child.

As for Top Breed dog foods, price ranges are at P1,200-P1,700 per 20 kilograms or a full sack. You can shop online and see the set prices via Lazada, Shoppee, and Shopback, among others.

Feeding instructions

The amount of dog meals a day largely depends on the breed size and the age of your dog.

To illustrate a quick guide, for puppies from 1 to 4 months weighing 1-3 kilograms, a serving of ¾ to 1 ¾ cups of Top Breed for Puppies is recommended; for adult dogs weighing 1-5 kilograms, a serving size of half to 1 cup of Top Breed for Adult Dogs is advised.

For puppies from 4-8 months weighing 3-5 kilograms, a food intake of 1 ¾ to 2 ¼ of Top Breed for Puppies is recommended; for adult dogs weighing 5-10 kilograms, 1 to 1 ½ cups of Top Breed for Adult Dogs is advised. 

A friendly piece of caution: for safe storage, keep your dog food at room temperature and away from toxic chemicals such as insecticides, and must always be kept out of reach from children.

Maintaining your dog’s bowl’s cleanliness must also be observed after every done meal. Make sure to make readily available at all times a separate bowl of water to hydrate your dog whenever he needs to and feels like it.

What do the vets say?

What was considered by a friend to be the best dog food option for his or her dog may not apply to your pet child. In this case, it is always best to schedule a veterinary visit to ask for an expert and sound advice about what dog food brands are the best for your furry best friend after the consultation.

This is especially true since there are ingredients in certain dog food brands, as previously mentioned, that your furry baby may be allergic to, so checking the label and food ingredients for specific food intake recommendations is very vital to ensure that you are providing the best nutrition for your pet child through trusted dog food brands.

Final Verdict

Nourishment in pets would depend on the type of dog foods we feed them with. Giving them premium quality dog food brands is only right. After all, dogs make us happy by simply keeping us company at home, or by meeting us halfway through the door, wagging their tails in excitement, when we go home from a tiring work. In return, they must be kept healthy and fed with savory and nutritious dog foods to maintain their energy levels and wellbeing. 

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