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Top 5 Best Formula Milk for Baby 0-6 Months in the Philippines

Top 5 Best Formula Milk for 0-6 Months in the Philippines

Nothing is comparable to the milk of mothers. The World Health Organization encourages breastfeeding all newborns for up to 6 months and beyond. Yet, when you are a busy working mom or someone that cannot produce breast milk enough, it is challenging to perform exclusive breastfeeding. Instead, parents seek a formula closest to the mother’s milk to provide their little ones the whole food they need in their first year of life. Although breastfeeding has several advantages, there is no doubt that baby formula is an essential source of nutrition for infants.

Research shows that breastfeeding is best for babies and they are given the most nutritional benefits. But some moms struggle to breastfeed exclusively and can’t pump enough to feed their baby. So in this case, formula or expressed breast milk (EBM) is needed.

Formula contains all of the essential nutrients and still provides more benefits than just cow’s milk for babies under six months old. For babies older than six months, cow’s milk can be introduced which has fewer nutritional benefits but it still provides necessary proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats for growth.

Parents always want the best for their babies. With so many brands and products available in the market, it is difficult to understand which one is best for your baby.

This article will help you find out which type of milk is best for your baby, by considering various aspects like the nutritional value, allergy-free benefits, and more.

Best milk for babies 0-6 months in the Philippines.

S-26 Gold One Infant Formula

The S-26 Gold infant formula is for ages 0-6-month-old babies and an alternative for breastfeeding milk. It is a protein source based on cow’s milk and is powder concentrate.

What is appealing to this brand is that it Contains DHA for healthy brain and eye growth that is essential at an early age. Besides, it provides many nutrients that babies need to have holistic development.

Also, this brand is produced by Wyeth and makes it a trusted one by many moms and pediatricians. 

Although it gives better nourishment for infants, this brand is a little bit expensive compared to others.



Bonna Infant Formula

Wyeth created Bonna infant formula milk to be one of the best milk for babies ages 0-6 months old. This product is a generic alternative for mothers who cannot produce enough breastmilk for their babies.

The good thing about this item is that it is way cheaper than the same manufacturing brand of milk available in the market yet provides almost the same nutritional benefits. Therefore, this is an ideal one for those who are on a tight budget. Also, it contains all the vital nutrients an infant needs.

Additionally, using this product will likely make kids gain weight fast. 

On the other hand, parents should not give this product to babies with existing cow’s milk allergies.

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Nestogen 1

Nestogen 1 is the first product of this brand that suits babies ages 0-6 months old manufactured by Nestle. It is made for infants exceptionally to be an ideal best milk for babies substituting breastmilk.

A more satisfying thing about this brand is that it contains probiotics that help kids have proper digestion and suit them when they have tummy problems. Besides, it includes good nutrients that infants need growing up.

Additionally, this item is an excellent choice for parents with a limited budget for formula milk because it is cheap and readily available in any market.

Although it is suitable for babies, this brand should not be given to babies experiencing lactose allergies. Consuming this might trigger allergens and will harm the baby.




The Nan InfiniPro  is suitable to be an alternative best milk for babies ages 0-6 months old produced by Nestle. In addition, this is an ideal choice for mothers who opt to have formula milk rather than exclusive breastfeeding because of its nutritional content. 

A good thing about this product is that it contains DHA and RHA for the healthier holistic development of babies. In addition, it includes probiotics for easier tummy digestion and is also effortless to prepare. 

Also, It possesses a great nutritional content for the completion of infant growth.

This milk, however, costs more than the other brands in the market.



Similac TummiCare HW One

Similac One, manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, is suitable to be an alternative best milk for babies ages 0-6 months. In addition, this milk is an excellent choice for moms who choose to have milk instead of nursing only and considered as one of the exquisite premium milk.

One advantage of this milk is that it includes HMO and probiotics that are in breastfeeding milk. Also, it has ten essential EYE-Q plus nutrients such as DHA, AA, omega 6 to assist the entire cognitive development of the kid.

The milk also includes the high protein, calcium, K, and D vitamins necessary to develop stronger bones.

However, this product’s cost is higher than similar products that are easily accessible on the market.




Having formula on hand will ensure that your kid is happy, healthy, and grows as they should; thus, it is essential to choose the best milk for babies to have a better result. Also, there are several advantages to using a formula, ranging from nourishing babies to saving time and sanity for mothers. Once a woman has decided to feed her newborn formula, she must devote her attention to caring and connecting with her child.

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