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When you’re a busy mom, your job can be hard enough, and the last thing you need is to get breastfeeding wrong. After all, your baby’s development depends on it. However, it takes a lot of effort to feed a baby, regardless of how you do it. So if you are overwhelmed by latching problems or having trouble keeping your little one fed and nourished, don’t get stressed – BONNA’s Infant Formula is there to the rescue! In this article, I’ll review the Wyeth BONNA Stage 1 Infant formula, an infant formula milk considered by many as one of the best choices in terms of quality and price.

What is Wyeth BONNA Stage 1 Infant Formula? BONNA Stage 1 Infant formula is a breastfeeding supplement designed to help you keep up with your baby’s feeding needs. This quality infant formula offers complete nutrition, including all the essential nutrients necessary for brain and bone development for infants aged 0-6 months.

Unraveling Bonna’s Potential Benefits

This nutrient-dense milk formula supports your children’s immune system, growth, and energy. Specifically, BONNA Infant Formula is composed of linoleic acid, which is best at healthily helping your newborn gain weight. It also consists of choline – an important compound used by the brain and nervous system to manage your child’s memory, mood, muscular control, and other bodily processes.

Aside from these essential nutrients, BONNA Infant Formula also contains lutein good for your baby’s eye development. Together with lutein is the presence of taurine that facilitates efficient waste excretion performance of the liver and protects and promotes brain nerve growth of your newborn.

The BONNA Infant Formula also has additional benefits that Wyeth indicated in its nutrition facts (see photo below). This nutritional content ensures that essential compounds needed for your infant’s growth and development are met as you embrace a life-changing experience called motherhood.

Back to the Wall: The Drawback of Bonna Infant Formula

Despite its high-quality nutrients, BONNA Infant Formula is not well recommended for babies with cow’s milk allergy. Fortunately, most newborns tolerate cow’s milk, but for some babies with an allergy to cow’s milk, an itchy rash or swelling of the lips, face, and surrounding eyes might develop, including digestive problems and fever-like symptoms. Therefore, it is best that when choosing infant formulas, you must consult a health professional to prevent inappropriate use of the product. Also, just a gentle reminder that when this product is mishandled, there is a possibility that it will develop harmful pathogens, emphasizing that you avoid carelessly storing it at excessive temperatures.

Price Check! 

The milk formula comes at various prices depending on the quantity you ought to buy. The following is the breakdown of prices per quantity:

  • 2 kilograms = ₱1,240.00/container
  • 1.2 kilograms = ₱785.00/container
  • 350 grams = ₱235.00/container
  • 150 grams = ₱105.00/container

The BONNA Infant Formula has been created for moms who intend to save money while guaranteeing that the product will offer their babies the most suitable nourishment they require as they mature into wholesome toddlers.

Given its high demand for consumption, BONNA Infant Formula is being sold in local pharmacies, malls, and even online shops. Should you opt to give this product a shot, you can shop online on Lazada, Shopee, and Watsons or physically visit local stores like Rose Pharmacy and Mercury Drug Stores.

Direction and Dosage for Consumption

To guarantee the optimum nutrient requirements for the development of your infant, adequate quantities must be fulfilled according to the age of your child. A scoop of BONNA Infant Formula is equivalent to about 4.3 grams, which must be diluted to 30mL lukewarm water only. For the recommended dosage and frequency of feeding, the details are indicated below:

  • Less than 6 months old: For newborns under 6 months of age with an average weight of 7.5kg, 6-level scoops must be diluted into 180 mL of lukewarm water. Infants must be fed 4 to 5 times in a 24-hour period.
  • 3 to 6 months of age (ave. weight 6.5 kg): A total of 6 scoops must be diluted into 180mL lukewarm water for each milk formula. In a span of 24 hours, you must feed your infant 5 times.
  • 2 weeks to 3 months (ave. weight 4.5 – 5.5 kg): At this stage, the newborn needs to be fed at least 6 times in a span of 24 hours. Thus, the baby may require a total of 4 scoops diluted in 120ml lukewarm water for each milk formula.
  • Newborn of 0 weeks to 2 weeks old (ave. weight 3.5 kg): The baby needs to be fed approximately 9 times daily. Each feed formula requires 4-level scoops diluted to 60mL lukewarm water.

Keep in mind that you can only prepare one bottle at a time. Moreover, you need to promptly and adhere strictly to the directions. Discard the contents of the unfinished bottle instead of keeping it. Lastly, always hold the infant when feeding, and choking might occur if the infant is left alone.

The Verdict

As a mom who wants what’s best for their newborn child, I highly recommend this infant formula. Despite having a busy schedule, I still manage to give my newborn the optimum nutrition he needs as he progresses into the stage of toddler. Overall, the BONNA Stage 1 Infant formula is:

  • a great option for parents on a tight budget
  • good for an infant’s brain and bone development as it contains essential nutrients such as linoleic acid, choline, lutein, and taurine.
  • Available 24/7 at local physical and online stores nationwide
  • Proven and tested effective by pediatricians prescribed to Filipino moms

So what are you waiting for? Give the finest infant formula available for your new baby and become the best mom you aspire to be.

Dr Jake Barakat

Dr. Jake Barakat is a renowned dermatologist and a leading authority in the skincare and beauty product industry.