Kyowa Air Fryer Review

We all know that air fryers have been one of the most trending things in the past three years. It went higher in rank during the pandemic, and it makes sense because everyone wanted to experiment with different kinds of food. Everyone stayed at home for a long time, so they needed something new to be busy with, learn, and have fun with. Air fryer was the answer because it’s not just pretty affordable but also easy to operate, and, of course, it helped make delicious meals. Even today, those who were not able to buy early are still interested in buying one. I just got my Kyowa air fryer, so here’s my honest review covering the pros and cons, some basic information on using and cleaning it, the price, and my overall rating. Are you one of the people who are interested in purchasing an air fryer? Or someone who is interested in making the switch to a different brand? If your answer to all the questions is ‘yes,’ this article is for you.

On the advantages and disadvantages

Kyowa is an excellent brand, hence the number of people who trust them. Their products are all over the market, including their air fryers. Kyowa is, without a doubt, one of the most reputable names in the industry of home appliances. Because of this factor, I decided to go with their air fryers rather than those offered by competing firms. I am also the proud owner of several Kyowa home appliances, and I can confirm the superior durability and quality of these products. Having used the Kyowa air fryer for several days now, I can share what I observed as the pros and cons of using it.

There are five advantages of using the Kyowa air fryer. First, it is more affordable than other air fryers from big brands. A student renting a dormitory can even easily save money and purchase one. Because of its price, anyone can easily own an excellent air fryer. Second, it is easy to operate. Because of how simple it is to use, even novices may learn how to use it effectively because they can experiment with different settings depending on the meal they are cooking and the outcome they desire. I myself was scared the first time I turned it on. When I learned about it, I realized it was actually a piece of cake. Just follow the manual and be careful not to burn yourself. You can also watch videos on social media platforms showing how to use the Kyowa air fryer. Third, the retailer backs their products with a warranty. If you buy from a trusted shop, they will provide you with a warranty that you can avail of when the equipment shows problems. Some other brands don’t offer one, so once the air fryer you bought from them appears to have a problem, you cannot claim anything from the seller. Nowadays, it isn’t easy to find a brand that gives fantastic after-sales service. When you purchase from Kyowa, you can relax knowing that they will be able to address any concerns you may have with their air fryer. Fourth, they have a wide selection of air fryers to choose from. How is this an advantage? Of course, you need to consider the type of air fryer you need depending on how often you will use it, the capacity required for the entire household, the food you love to cook, the people who will use it, and many more. As someone who wants innovation, anything easier to read and operate, and something that offers more settings, I chose the digital air fryer. Their analog air fryer is an excellent option for you to consider purchasing if you are the type of person who values simplicity and classics. Last but not least, the Kyowa air fryer is sturdy and durable. I have mentioned this before, but in order to elaborate on this benefit, I will say that because of its premium feel and build, you can be confident that it will survive for a long time. This indicates that it’s worth your money. Many people settle for cheaper but low-quality ones, and they think they saved much with it; however, you can save more by choosing something that lasts and doesn’t have to be replaced with a new one after a short period of time.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits, I’ll go through some drawbacks. There are only four disadvantages. First, every air fryer consumes a lot of space and is quite bulky. Bigger families may need the air fryer at the largest size. If the counter of their kitchen is small, they might need to sacrifice something that’s placed initially there to give space for the air fryer. Second, food may dry out since the air fryer doesn’t need that much oil. Even though the reduced amount of oil that is required is beneficial in many ways, it does bring about one significant drawback. If you are not vigilant and do not observe the food being cooked carefully, it may become dry. Because the oil prevents the food from drying out, deep fryers are immune to this problem. Third, in connection to the first disadvantage, more than one air fryer may be needed to cook one batch of food for a whole big family. I don’t think it’s also good to fill the entire basket as there’s a certain weight required in order for the air fryer to cook the food well. For example, if you’re about eight people in a household, you can cook only four chicken legs at a time to achieve a great result. Lastly, not all dishes work for the air fryer. It is only possible to make some things in an air fryer that can be made in a deep fryer or oven. In my experience, meals that do not cook well include those that are battered, soupy (yes, some people tried to cook soup in an air fryer), and baked foods. Of course, if you want to cook certain dishes with an excellent outcome, use the cookware they require. Anyway, as long as my Kyowa air fryer “cooks” the food and I’m the only one eating, I don’t have any problem.

How to Use Kyowa Air Fryer

If you are not aware of the type of appliance that an air fryer is, you should be prepared to do some learning before purchasing one of these devices because, on the whole, making use of an air fryer is relatively simple. There is plenty of fantastic recipes available, but it may take some practice before your preferred dishes reach their full potential. At least learn the basics first. If you’re going to buy an analog air fryer, just remember this: Turning the dials is all that is required to make it work. The temperature is controlled by one dial, while the amount of time is tracked by the other. Now, if you got the digital one, it’s a bit more complex. There is a power button that can turn it on or off at your discretion. Additionally, it may contain a start/stop button that allows the user to initiate or terminate the selected cooking function. Time and temperature buttons are always there, and you need to toggle between setting the cooking time, which you can choose from one minute up to sixty minutes, and the temperature, which can go from 150°C up to 200°C. Some things to remember whether you’re using an analog or digital air fryer: Consult the instruction booklet to acquaint yourself with the appropriate temperature and cooking time for any foods you might be interested in preparing. Never place anything on top of the air fryer because doing so will hinder the airflow from functioning correctly. This will cause the air fryer to become less effective. Because of this, the food may not cook in an even manner.

How to clean Kyowa Air Fryer

Cleaning an air fryer may require more caution. Place it on a solid, heat-resistant surface as soon as it is ready. Put the air fryer in a spot where it won’t collide with anything else. Remove the basket and scrub it down with a sponge dampened with soap. To clean the outside, all that is required is a cloth that has been slightly dampened. Utilize a dry towel to wipe out all of the damp areas. You are ready to use it once everything has been cleaned and dried.

How much is Kyowa Air Fryer

The cost can range anywhere from P2,500 to P8,000, which is determined not only by the device’s capabilities but also by the retail establishment from which it is purchased. Again, it is all up to what you need. For me, it’s all worth the price I paid because of the benefits I mentioned above, like the warranty and its durability.

My general evaluation of the Kyowa Air Fryer

I rate it 10/10. I am not exaggerating; it simply exceeded my expectation in terms of performance, quality, efficiency, and even its look! The Kyowa air fryer is one of the best things to get from the market shelf. Go and get yourself one now. I rate it 10/10. I am not exaggerating; it simply exceeded my expectation in terms of performance, quality, efficiency, and even its look! The Kyowa air fryer is one of the best things to get from the market shelf. Go and get yourself one now.


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