7 Helpful Strategies in Getting Client for your Photography Business

With the current situation that the world is facing, we can all agree that running a photography business is quite challenging and frustrating. Events are being canceled and mainly rescheduled for the next couple of years. We couldn’t blame them. The recent pandemic has hit most of us and forced us to take time off in celebrating events.

If you have a photography business, this might discourage you from stopping for this season or probably give up totally your business. However, there are certain things that you can do to make your photography business as functional as before, even at this difficult time. You can use specific ways to persuade clients to try your photography business for their upcoming events. You might be surprised as some were common strategies that you are already using in your business before the global health crisis hits.


The first on our list is blogging. This might sound old school or very traditional to you, but this technique is still effective if you know how to work around the styles and content you have to include in your blogs.

Ideally, the most efficient way is to purchase a domain name and a hosting site. In that way, your business name can easily be identified through your website. From there, you can start posting different blogs or articles related to photography.

It doesn’t have to be about the photography business, but you can play around with topics about photography techniques. For example, how to set up your gears in a bright environment, 5 steps in producing quality photos using low-end gears, etc.…

The key here is to always answer the question How. Remember, you should always intend to help your audience sincerely and not just bait them in your website. The helpful your articles are, the higher the chance that they will come back to your website. Which in turn will bring more traffic that will soon be converted to clients.

Updating Social Media

Another way to gain more clients is to become more visible in the social media world. Come to think of it, the global crisis has changed how we do our daily life. People nowadays are spending most of their time on social media. So, where else to get more clients than maximizing the social media world.

So start updating your Facebook page, Instagram, or Pinterest. You can link it with your social media page to drive more traffic if you have a blog site. You can also join relevant groups or conversations to make your business name known to the public.

Be credible and join helpful conversations.

Using Paid Ads

If you have a budget, then it’s time for you to invest in some paid advertisements. But make sure that you are knowledgeable in doing this before going straight into it. Again, we are talking about money here, so you better be cautious than sorry.

If possible, join a course related to this one. In that way, you will know the ins and outs of using paid advertisements.

Maximizing SEO

You might be wondering what SEO is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It simply refers to the process of improving your website by increasing its visibility or rank in Google. To make it more understandable, you will maximize SEO so that your photography business will appear on the first page of Google search.

In that way, people searching for a photography supplier will easily find you and consider you, thinking that you are reliable because your site appears on the first page of Google.


This style is costly considering that you will invest in some automation tools. However, it can easily be converted to clients who will hire you for your service if done correctly. One good example is email automation. You can send emails to your specific target leads within a particular location that you want. Another automation tool that you can invest in is autoresponders or also known as a chatbot. There you can quickly answer all the queries of your possible clients 24/7.

Email Marketing

We have previously discussed this above, but this time, we will dive deeper into what you should include in your email marketing campaign in getting possible clients for your photography business.

One way to do this is by creating helpful content in either pdf, video, or infographics. In exchange for those materials, your potential client should subscribe to your site using their email. In that way, you can easily send them some helpful techniques and ideas via email in the future. Of course, they can always unsubscribe anytime they want.

Next is by sending them some valuable emails. You should carefully introduce who your business is and how it will impact their needs. Then send them some tips about photography that will help them evaluate answers to their problems. You can also talk about budgeting, choosing suitable suppliers, and many more.

Again, just to make it clear and concise, you will not just bait them to subscribe. You will give them valuable materials and insights. You are not just getting clients here. You are actually building a beneficial partnership with these individuals. Remember, you should always aim for those potential clients to come back and refer your business to others.

Invest in Local Influencer

Investing in talents who can quickly spread the news about your business is obviously a steal of a deal. You don’t need to invest in some famous artists or singers to endorse your brand. You can get someone who has enough followers on their social media page. Just make sure that those individuals are known if not too popular in your target market. The key here is to use the online platform to spread your photography brand in a fast manner.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a potential client for your photography business nowadays seems challenging and frustrating, but fret not, as there is always a solution to help you solve that problem. You only have to be creative and be efficient in maximizing the internet. You don’t need to be savvy, just take baby steps and embrace the stage of adapting to our new normal.

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