Best Wine in the Philippines

best wine in the philippines

You can’t call it an event if there is no wine to accompany it. Even the most scrumptious foods and superior entertainment can be bland without a bottle or two of wine. 

For a long time, wines have been accustomed to celebrations and fancy dinners. It is a staple in every high-end restaurant that serves it together with juicy steaks. Historically, it is far-fetched and unattainable for the common masses that somehow painted it into a luxury and elite status. The wide array of wine choices in the present time has allowed the diversity of people to take hold of these bottles. 

Of all the alcoholic drinks ever made, the wine remains to be classic and popular amongst all. It found its way into philosophical and religious practice, as seen in the Roman Catholic using a glass of wine in mass as a substitute for the blood of Christ. From the ancient history of our ancestors, wines have dominated the fascination and fondness of the people. Most specifically, the Romans are strong that later spread worldwide through colonization and globalization.

The Philippines is traditionally not inclined to wines. However, the recent uprise and trend of these drinks have increased the growing interest of Filipinos. They often stumble upon situations of not knowing what wines should be served best for a particular occasion. In this list, we compile the best wines in the Philippines, ranging from starting from the high priced to affordable bottles.  

Yellow Tail Moscato Wine Bundle 750mL Red Pink White

What more can you ask for in a wine bundle? Yellow Tail is a white wine that can be traced from kangaroos’ lands in Australia—wrapped together with the flavors of their red, pink, and white Moscato. It is a wine perfect for people looking for the right amount of zingy and crisp feeling. It is a great introductory wine for those novices in wine tasting or those who want an easy-to-drink wine. 

The Casella family has been making wine in the small Australian town of Yenda for generations. Yellow Tail puts forward the comfort of life, family, and friendship in a bottle. Its sweet tang is best served chilled and paired with pork or spicy-inspired Asian cuisine. 

The Yellow Tail Moscato comes in a three-wine bundle and is priced at Php 1457.00. A steal for a drink with a variety of flavors in 750 ml. 

Fonda Real Spanish Red Wine

This Spanish dry red wine is medium-bodied and tastes fresh and xpressive. The wine is ruby red with violet undertones that make it inviting and flavorful from its looks alone. The family winery of Bodegas Lozano has innovated 100 years of winemaking in Spain that has earned its prominence in the business. Each bottle contains 11% alcohol content and is a less complex wine in taste. 

For six bottles of 750 ml, the bundle costs Php 1280.00 only. 

Novellino Sparkling Red Alcohol-free Red Wine

Of course, the list would not be complete without Novellino. Novellino has become a staple in every Filipino household during holidays and even without occasion. This wine is made from the premium grapes of the Vitis Vinifera variety. This drink is alcohol-free and has no sugar added, making it a family-friendly wine in every Filipino household. It is best paired with sisig, chips, and lasagna. 

Novellino wine is readily available in the country at such a reasonable price that it has earned its prominence by its natural sweetness that gets in the tongue of Filipinos. Most Filipinos lean towards a wine with the essence of fruity sweetness targeted by the local winery. 

For a bundle of 9 wine bottles, it is priced at Php 1181.00 only!



Wolfblass Eaglehawk Cabernet Sauvignon

The Wolf Blass Eaglehawk Cabernet Sauvignon is a smooth red wine with characteristic features of a classic Cabernet. The dark berries and blackcurrant notes are notable, followed by the medium-bodied palate of soft tannin finish and the lingering fruit. It is a red wine from Australia with an alcohol strength of 13.5%. It tastes bold and acidic yet dry at the same time. 

A 750 ml bottle costs Php 429 and is currently in a promo of Buy 2 Take 1 for Php 799!

Hardy's Varietal Range Moscato Twin Pack 750mL

The Hardy’s Winery came from the land of Australia that prides itself on its single-variety wines. The Varietal Range Moscato is a balanced crisp and fresh finish mixed with the intense and fruity sweetness topped with raisin and tropical fruit flavors. It sounds lengthy for a bottle of white wine. However, it is one of the top-tier wines in Australia that earned its popularity among wine enthusiasts. 

This white wine is light-bodied and aromatic with a dry style. For its price, it embodies the introductory wine for parties that contains the right amount of sweetness with low acidity. Hardy’s Varietal Range Moscato Twin ranking as among the top 10% wines in the world is a testament alone to its greatness. 

Very low alcohol content of 6%, the Hardy’s Varietal Range Moscato is bundled for Php 801 only.



Fortunella Vino Rosso Premium Sweet Red Wine Blend 750mL

From the grape variety of Tempranillo, the Fortunella Vino Rosso Premium Sweet Red Wine is spritzed with red berry flavors. It is a product of La Mancha, Spain, that is best paired with pork over dinner with friends and family. The bottle may intimidate you, but one sip alone can delight a person with a refreshing, soft, and sweet drink. It has an alcohol level of 10% and should be served chilled to lavish in its taste. 

A 750 ml bottle contains 10% alcohol content and is reasonably priced for Php 319.00.



Carlo Rossi Sweet Red

Carlo Rossi Red Wine is medium-bodied with rich berry aromas, a hint of bright red fruit, and fresh floral notes. The wine is coated with sweet vanilla, caramel, and floral aromas. Brilliant red berries and subtle notes of citrus add to the rich flavor for a pleasant and refreshing aftertaste. It is best enjoyed with desserts, fruits, cheese plates, and chocolates. 

It is one of the famous red wines offered in America, with an 8% alcohol content. A sip of the wine reminds a person of the summer breeze and the foods accompanying it. A 750 bottle costs Php 274.50 and is available in almost every supermarket in the Philippines. 



Maria Clara Sangria

The Maria Clara remains a bestseller in every supermarket in the Philippines. Every Filipino probably had tried its sweet taste in dinners with their families. This dessert red wine is the sweetest among the wines listed that are popular in the country. Its flavor is an intense citrus fruit with an alcohol content of 10%.

The bottle comes in a handy bag perfect for gift giving and is priced at Php 224.00.




You’ve probably asked yourself, “Why is wine so popular?”

The answer can vary from one individual to another. However, it all comes down to taste, nutritional content, and intoxication. Unlike the other alcoholic drinks sold on store shelves, wines remain a “classy drink” with the amount of intoxication that does not numb a person from too much alcohol. It goes well with every cuisine and celebration that requires a classic drink for everyone. 

Aside from these reasons, the wineries and wine process alone is a fascination that piqued not just the interest of the wine enthusiast. Wines are carefully made and placed in bottles where some are fermented longer than others. Wines and food are now paired in dishes that compliment the overall taste of the cuisine. 

Will wine continue to increase in popularity? Definitely. 

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