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best motorcycle philippines

Choosing the right motorcycle to buy in the Philippines, especially when you are a beginner. You might be confused about the type of motorcycle to purchase, whether a scooter, underbone, cruiser, sport, adventure, or even a standard bike. You no longer have to worry about making the right choice, when buying a motorcycle. This article highlights eight of the best motorcycles in the Philippines that you can choose from.

Top Motorcycles in the Philippines

Yahama Mio Sporty

Yahama is a giant in the automotive sector, and most of their motorcycle models stand out as a great choice. The Yahama Mio Sporty is a top choice for any rider in the Philippines, as it combines modern features such as a Euro 13 variant with a 114cc air-cooled and powerful engine. The motorcycle comes in a wide range of colors to suit your taste. Short riders will enjoy cruising on this motorcycle, as it has a height of 29.3 inches. It is also very affordable with the price ranging between P66,900 to P67,900.

Vespa S 125

If you are a fan of scooters, then you should check out the Vespa S 125. It is a perfect motorcycle for a rookie rider, as it offers easy handling while ensuring that you keep a good riding stance on the road. The motorcycle has a Piaggio I-get engine as well as a 125cc cylinder for efficient fuel consumption. The Vespa S 125 also has some impressive modern features such as a digital screen for information as well as LED light. It is affordable with the price ranging between P138,00 and P145,000. This motorcycle is a top choice for slow rides around the city.

Yamaha Nmax

The second motorcycle from the Japanese manufacturers on this list, Yamaha Nmax is a popular choice among motorcycle riders and for good reason. It is a modern motorcycle in every sense of the word, providing great comfort and ease of usage. One of the best features of this motorcycle is its wide and cushioned seat that keeps you comfortable all through your ride. This makes it a great option for long trips. What is more? It has a large space for under-seat storage. For your entertainment, the motorcycle has an LCD which you can connect to using bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy cool music on your ride. The 155cc engine is powerful enabling you to enjoy your long rides with no problem. You also do not have to bother about the fuel consumption, as the motorcycle is fully Euro 5 compliant. The price of this motorcycle ranges from P109,000 to P119,000. With the Yamaha Nmax, you can be sure to get good value for your money.

Yamaha Mio I 125

Yet another exciting motorcycle from Yamaha, the Yamaha Mio I 125 is a staple in the Philippines. A motorcycle that is loved by a lot of Filipino riders, its impressive design stands it out. Yahama Mio I 125 is lightweight, making it very sleek and easy to handle. The compact design is another impressive pro of the motorcycle. With a 9.6Nm torque and 9.4hp, it is the perfect motorcycle for riding in the city. The 125cc air-cooled engines ensure that you do not have to deal with overheating troubles. With the price ranging from P46,000 to P48,000, Yamaha Mio I 125 is a cost-effective pick for riders in the Philippines.

Kymco Like 125 Italia

 If you are looking for a vintage scooter with modern features, the Kymco Like 125 Italia fits the bill. The motorcycle is designed to cater to aesthetics while being strong and effective. It has a 125cc single cylinder engine with a 4-stroke that keeps you running without trouble. The crisp braking system allows you to make seamless stops. With an automatic transmission of up to 9.5Nm torque and 9.4hp, a ride around the city on the Kymco Like 125 Italia is as good as it gets. The motorcycle also has a wide seat and large under-seat storage, making it suitable for long rides. It is also very affordable with the price ranging between P75,000 to P79,900. 

Honda CRF150L

The Honda CRF150L motorcycle is suitable for different types of road, be it tarred road, gravel road or even dirt roads. This makes it a top choice for riders that travel on different road types regularly. The motorcycle is not only strong, it also has amazing features that make riding it enjoyable. Some of its features include a preload-adjustable rear monoshock and inverted Showa forks. It sports a 149cc single-cylinder engine, with the seat being very comfortable as well. At P134,900, the Honda CRF150L is good value for your money.


For riders that go a long distance in one ride, the CFMOTO 400 NK is a suitable motorcycle. A big bike, the CFMOTO 400 NK has a 400.4cc parallel-twin engine which enables you to go the distance without trouble. The low seat height ensures that riders of different heights can place their feet on the ground with ease. At P219,800, this is one big bike that you should go all out for.


Other motorcycles that you can consider include Yamaha MT-15, Honda ADV 150 and Suzuki Burgman Street 125. You must go through prior training before riding on the road. More importantly, get your motorcycle license and obey all traffic rules while riding.

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