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Best Diaper Brands in the Philippines

Best diaper brand Philippines

Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, you must give them a quality baby diaper to use. Aside from protecting your baby’s skin, diapers are also the ones that help provide your baby with excellent hygiene. If you do not want to clean up leaks on your bed and if you’re going to keep your baby fresh and healthy at all times, you should choose an excellent baby diaper for them to use.

When looking for the best diaper brands in the Philippines, you might have a hard time choosing because there are so many in the market. Whether you prefer to buy online or offline, there are many brands that you can select. Because of this, it might be overwhelming to choose a single brand for your baby diaper. Sometimes, you might even get tempted to buy from several brands.

However, whether you buy newborn baby diapers or pants, you must consider their quality. Whether it comes with a water-resistant material or new speed wave sheets, the diaper you choose should come with other features aside from what they are expected to do. This way, you can save more money and ensure that your baby will be comfortable with it.

From pro-skin technology to soft-embossed surface, here is the list of the best diaper brands in the Philippines that are best for your baby’s delicate skin.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Diapers

Before we delve into the top diaper brands in the Philippines, let’s discuss some of the factors you should consider when choosing diapers.


Absorbency is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing diapers. A diaper that can absorb more liquid will keep your baby dry and comfortable for longer periods.


The fit of the diaper is also essential. A diaper that is too tight can cause discomfort and even leave marks on your baby’s skin. On the other hand, a diaper that is too loose can lead to leaks.


The material of the diaper should be soft, comfortable, and breathable. It should not cause irritation or rashes on your baby’s skin.


The price of the diaper is also an important factor to consider. You want to choose a diaper that is affordable and fits your budget.

Best Diaper Brands in the Philippines

Huggies Dry Baby Diapers

One of the best diaper brands for your baby is Huggies Dry. This diaper brand offers a variety of disposable diapers and diaper pants that comes with various technologies to keep your child comfortable at all times. From the Huggies Dry Newborn to the Huggies Dry Natural Soft Diapers, you can get a variety of diapers for your baby from this diaper brand.

All Huggies Dry Baby Diapers come with six technologies that will be perfect for your newborn baby. It has a soft cottony cover that comes with extra softness, so your baby is always comfortable. Their diapers also come with double leak barriers that prevent leaks from falling on your baby’s legs. Any diaper you buy from this brand also has the Runny Poo Leakguard – a unique technology for Huggies Dry diaper pants – that can prevent leakage from your baby’s back, which is especially helpful in keeping poos in place.

There is also the poo absorb liner. It keeps your baby’s skin healthy because poo and other bowel movement residues are absorbed well. Aside from that, these diapers also feature the Fast-Absorb Technology that keeps your baby dry by absorbing any wet areas as soon as they arrive. With its 100% breathable outer cover, Huggies Dry diaper pants are also the best diapers when you want breathable materials for your child. These diapers do not only absorb wetness, but they also keep your baby comfortable and healthy at the same time. With its wetness indicator, it is also helpful to keep track of changing diapers.

To protect your baby’s delicate skin, you can opt for the Huggies Dry Natural Soft Diapers. It comes in various sizes so that it will fit your baby. Aside from enjoying the features of regular Huggies Dry diapers, it is also made up of organic cotton, so it is the best diaper to use for your baby’s sensitive skin. It helps prevent skin irritation while keeping your baby dry.



Pampers Baby Dry Pants

The Pampers Baby Dry is one of the top brands looking for diapers. There is a large variety that you can choose from this diaper brand. There are the Pampers Overnight Diaper Pants, the Pampers Premium Care Dry Pants, the regular Pampers Baby Dry Pants, the Pampers Baby Dry Taped Diapers, and the Pampers Aircon Pants. If you are looking for the right diaper for your baby, this brand is recommended as it provides more benefits than most disposable diapers on the current market.

As one of the top brands for diapers, all of its product lines come with different perks and features. For one, this diaper provides a 2-in-1 Rash Shield technology so that it can keep your baby’s skin healthy while preventing diaper rash. Pampers Baby Dry diaper pants also feature a stretchy waistband so that your baby can wear a comfortable diaper no matter what their size is. Any diaper from Pampers Baby Dry also comes with breathable materials so that your baby can feel light when they wear this diaper.

Pampers Baby Dry diapers also have anti-irritation layers. With its Vitamin E formula, it assists in keeping rashes away from your baby. Other features of this diaper brand include the front-to-back absorption feature and the anti-leak guards. Pampers Baby Dry Pants come with a snug fit to help keep the dryness of your baby. With the Magic Gel Channels of each Pampers Baby Dry pant, pee is also distributed evenly so that your baby can maintain a dry bum at all times.
If you are a parent with a newborn baby, you can choose the Pampers Baby Dry Tape Diapers. These are specially designed for the youngest of babies. To make sure that it fits your young child, these newborn diapers come with baby dry tape that will give the perfect fit for your baby.

If you want to give your baby an even better experience, you can choose a baby diaper that provides extra care. With the Pampers Premium Care Diaper Pants, your child will enjoy the S Curve Fit to help with your child’s posture. It also comes with a super gel formula so that you can keep your baby dry when they are wearing diapers.

With Pampers Baby Dry, you can always find a baby diaper right for your child. This is one of the diaper brands with the most product lines and sizes. Whether you have newborns or older babies, you will find disposable diapers that will keep your baby healthy and happy.



EQ Pants

EQ Pants is one of the top brands for affordable and quality disposable diapers. If you are on a tight budget but still want to give your baby great pull-up diapers, you can find them with this brand. No matter what size your baby’s waist is, you can find it with EQ Pants, too. The regular EQ pants diapers, EQ Dry disposable diapers, and EQ Colors range from size small to XXL. This means that your baby can enjoy comfortable dry pants no matter what.

EQ Pants provide a variety of disposable diapers – like EQ Colors and EQ Dry – but all of them share essential features. One of these is the bubble top sheet that keeps harmful bacteria and rashes away from your baby. It also allows the disposable diapers to provide a breathable airflow. Each baby diaper also comes with magic tapes. These are resealable tapes so that you can adjust them to keep your baby’s comfort up at all times. You can also enjoy a cottony cover when you buy from EQ Pants. This allows your baby diaper to minimize heat and makes for a colorful design.

Aside from those features, there are still more to come with these affordable disposable diapers. With a baby diaper from this brand, your baby will also get enhanced leak protection with its side leak guards. These are innovative design choices that assist with side leaks prevention. With the Adequate Distribution Layer (ADL) technology from this baby diaper, your baby can also receive the maximum dryness – whether they spend their night with their diaper overnight or for an extended period.

While EQ Pants has fewer product line choices compared to other diaper brands, it still provides the best diapers when you are on a budget. It is also one of the brands that offer a wide size range, so you can still buy a diaper no matter what your baby’s weight is. Even though there are no premium products, using a diaper from this brand is still promoting good hygiene for your baby.




With its affordable pricing and its extensive range of sizes, MamyPoko is one of the best diapers that you can buy for your baby. From taped newborn baby diapers to dry toddler pants, MamyPoko has a selection of diapers that will fit your child no matter what their age is. With MamyPoko, you can also enjoy several varieties for your baby diaper, including the MamyPoko Extra Dry baby diaper, the MamyPoko InstaSuot baby diaper, the MamyPoko Easy-To-Wear diaper pant, and the MamyPoko Bye-Bye Lawlaw diaper pant.

While each variety has its extra features, most MamyPoko diaper pants have the same initial features. The first one would be the 12 hours absorbency. With this, your baby can enjoy dryness whether they are playing for the whole day or sleeping the entire night. It also comes with an elastic waistband that ensures a tight fit without leaving any marks on your newborn or toddler’s belly button or waist. With MamyPoko, your baby diaper also comes with a cute and colorful Poko-chan design so that your baby can also look good while feeling good.

With MamyPoko, your baby can also enjoy the fast-absorbing feature of its powerful absorbent core. It is made of quality materials that ensure wetness gets absorbed quickly so that your baby will not feel uncomfortable. MamyPoko dry pants also come with a snug design as one of their other features so that you and your baby can avoid any unwanted leaks.




It doesn’t matter if you buy online or offline. When it comes to your baby, you should give them the best diaper in the market. While some choices are more expensive than others, brands on the list combine affordability with comfort. From long-term absorption to breathable materials, there are several other features that you should keep an eye out for when you choose to buy diapers.

Whether you have your first child or your fifth, they should be given a clean diaper that goes beyond just being practical. Since children are delicate, you should see that you pick the right choice. Buying great diapers does not mean that you have to break the bank. Even if you are on a budget, you can still purchase excellent diapers for your baby.

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