5 Best Blenders in the Philippines

best blender philippines

Blenders can be significant purchases, whether you are interested in adding smoothies to your meals or opening your own business. With a blender, there are many things that you can do. With the available blenders in the Philippines, you can create juice, a puree, and even a soup.

Having your blender can provide a significant upgrade for your daily life. You can save up on time and money by blending your drinks and sauces on your own. Since it is such an excellent appliance, you might find many blenders in the Philippines. This appliance can also increase your food preparation process.

In the current market, you can find an immersion blender, a speed blender, a USB charging blender, and so many other types of blenders. Finding the perfect blender can take a lot of time. However, you can find the best blenders with this guide. From a fast speed, stainless steel blades, and a bottom cooling design to a multifunctioning lid cover, a pulse function, and a detachable blending wand, you can find the best blender in this list.

5 Best Blenders in the Philippines

Oster 10-Speed Blender with 1.25L Heat Resistant Glass Jar

If you are looking for the right blender, then you can never go wrong with Oster’s 10-speed blender. Oster is the current top brand for blenders. However, even with their wide selection, this is the best blender among their products. If you are looking for the perfect combination between power and speed, then this is one of the best blenders in the Philippines that you can find. It is a unique blender worth its price.

With this blender, you can enjoy variable speed settings. It comes with a 10-speed push button so that you can moderate your blending process. Pulsing is also essential when it comes to blenders. If you want smooth and delicious juices, it is vital that you can control their blending levels. This blender also has a pulse function to give you more control while blending.

Aside from making drinks, you can also participate in a cooking process with this blender. It can smoothly grind and quickly chop ingredients. This blender can also give you sauces and soups with great taste and texture. With its heat-resistant glass jar, you can even blend steaming hot ingredients, whether fruits, vegetables, herbs, or ice. With moderated speed and power, you can enjoy smooth results when using this blender.



Imarflex IB-630G Multi Blender

If you are looking for the best blenders, Imarflex is another brand that can give you excellent home appliances. With this Imarflex immersion blender, you can enjoy homemade smoothies and sauces that go through a smooth blending process that gives them fine textures. Despite being a quality blender, this product comes at an affordable price. This is the best blender to buy if you are on a tight budget.

One of the best features of this Imarflex immersion blender, you get numerous tools like a detachable blending wand and a measuring blending cup. Both the blending jug and the wand is made of quality materials that can last for a long time. Aside from that, this blender also allows you to control your blending speed using its variable speed control. If you want the blender to handle its speed automatically, you can choose the low-speed button or the turbo button.

Even though this product comes with extremely sharp stainless steel blades, it is still lightweight and portable. You can bring this personal blender with you even at work and in other places. Since it has powerful steel blades, it can make ice crush quickly. Aside from ice crushing, this is also a great hand blender that can help you grind fresh ingredients. With this Imarflex immersion blender, you can enjoy a durable product that comes with an extra accessory and high-grade blades.



Oster Mini Cordless Blender

For individuals who want a speed blender to make a soup, smoothie, juice, or puree for themselves, then the Oyster Mini Cordless Blender can be a great buy. Oster is an excellent brand for blenders, and this product is a great example of that. With this blender, you can take control of the blend speed and power anytime you want. If you are going to blend your food or juice, you can do it anywhere because this is a hand blender.

This is one of the best blenders in the Philippines because, despite its size, it provides numerous advantages. Whether you perform ice crushing or quickly blend coffee, this personal blender can handle it at a fast speed for you. Since the power for each blend is just right, your drinks and meals will come out with great textures.

With this blender, you can also enjoy a safety lock feature. The ingredients will never spill out no matter what you blend because every blade only runs when the lid is on. Controlling the power and speed settings is also easy even for first-timers because it comes with one-touch control.

Another reason this blender is portable is that it allows USB charging. Once you have appropriately recharged this latest innovation, you can blend it to your heart’s content. It also comes with anti-skid silicone pads so that when you blend by hand, this blender will not slip. This is one of the best hand blenders that can meet all your blending needs.



Tough Mama NTMBG-1 1.5L Glass Blender

If you are looking for an outstanding balance between quality and durability, this glass blender from Tough Mama can be a great purchase. This is one of the best blenders in the Philippines when looking for extended shelf life. Customers who have tried out this blender greatly commend the material of its jar and other components. Despite its features, this blender is also affordable.

Another reason to buy this product is that it comes with a dry miller. If you want to blend and prepare wheat ingredients, you can give them a more delicate quality using this blender. Instead of buying two home appliances, you can save money by purchasing this blender instead.
Since you can take apart the body of this blender, most of its components are also dishwasher safe. If you do not have the time to handwash it, this can be a great feature since not all blenders can be cleaned by a dishwasher.

With this blender, you can easily choose how to perform your blend. You can select between whip, puree, crump, and chop. There is also an available pulse button to perform a moderated yet powerful blending with four variable speed settings.



Breville Kinetix Pro Blender

If you are looking for a sleek and powerful blender, then you can never go wrong with the Breville Kinetix Pro Blender. Breville is one of the brands that provide quality premium materials. This blender can be a bit pricey, but if you are interested in making a smoothies or drinks business, it would be an excellent buy. This is a versatile option that can also help you grind and whisk materials. From coffee and smoothie to baby food and meals, you can make a wide selection with this blender.

With this blender, you can enjoy Breville’s unique Kinetix technology. With this, you can perform blends faster. Whether you are going crush ice, grind ingredients, or make a smoothie, it will be done at a significantly faster speed compared to other blenders. This is because the motor of this product has a great power level.

Every component of this blender is built to last you for years. No matter how much you use it, it can retain its full power with every mix. Its motor is potent and can blend even the hardest ingredients. Its jar is also shatterproof and made of premium titan material. Since it is sturdy, it can also be cleaned with a dishwasher. It is BPA-free so it is both durable and nontoxic.




Buying the perfect blender can be challenging because you must consider its speed, power, and other qualities. However, blenders can be very helpful in your day-to-day activities. Aside from letting you make incredible drinks like smoothies, these products can also shorten your cooking process. Making purchases for blenders can become helpful in the long run.

When you are interested in buying a blender, you need to keep in mind that it should have additional features. This can be a dry miller, grinder, pulse button, push-up system, or strainer. The blenders in this list have a combination of these features that make them worth their price. If you are looking for the best blenders to buy, this will serve as an excellent reference.

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