Best Air Purifiers in the Philippines

Best Air Purifier Philippines

The increasing volumes of cars and other establishments causing air pollution pose a serious threat to our family’s health. To maintain a healthy home, an air purifier has become a must-have. They not only help us avoid allergies by removing allergens, but they also make our breathing comfortable and our mood up.

This is why manufacturers gained the initiative to produce air purifiers which are now accessible for everyone to purchase. These purifiers come in all shapes, forms, and sizes which suit residential establishments and other small businesses. HEPA filters, air ionizers, electrostatic filters, activated carbon filters, and UV technologies are the five most popular types of air purifiers. Most air purifiers are made up of several different types, which makes them more efficient.

Air purifiers are intended to clean the air inside a limited area. They remove airborne particles such as smells, smoke, dirt, and allergens. Filters and a fan are used in air purifiers, which draw in air and circulate it back. The filter captures air pollutants and harmful particles as air passes through the machine, allowing the cleaned air to return to the room.

Air purifiers, though, are not always affordable. It is, nevertheless, an useful investment if you have small children at home because it can reduce allergies and trap particles that carry viruses and bacteria.
What are the best air purifiers in the Philippines?

Top 5 Best Air Purifiers Philippines

Dyson Pure Air Purifier HP04: The Most Trusted Anti-Pollution Buddy

The Dyson HP04 Pure Hot+Cool is an all-in-one fan, heater, and air purifier from Dyson, a manufacturer recognized for high-end quality products. Aside from the main appliance, a wireless remote control is also included, allowing you to easily operate all of Dyson’s capabilities. To control/adjust the heater feature of this gadget, you must use the remote control.



Imarflex Air Purifier IAP-150: The Budget-friendly Air Purifier

This Imarflex air purifier features an aroma function and is highly cost-effective. The purifier and humidifier can both be utilized at the same time. It contains a three-layer filter and can consume up to 5 watts of power. This gadget can assist in the removal of positive ions (bacteria) from the air, as well as smoke and odor that converts into dust, which people cannot inhale.



XIAOMI Mijia MI Air Purifier 3H

The Xiaomi Air Purifier’s smart sensor can detect your indoor air quality and allow you to choose the best mode for superb air quality and efficient operation. It can also monitor the temperature and humidity levels in your house. Its built-in lights, unlike other traditional air purifiers in the Philippines, offer auto-brightness to reduce glare that can disturb you while sleeping.



SIV 3 in 1 Air Purifier: The Child-friendly Purifier

A mosquito trap, HEPA filter, and UVC Ozone light technology make up the SIV 3-in-1 Air Purifier. A powerful 2000RPM fan speeds up the HEPA filter, allowing it to absorb odors faster and collect pollutants more effectively. UVC Ozone light technology aids in the killing of hazardous particles in the air.



Blueair PRO L Air Purifier: Perfect for Corporate Establishments and Large Spaces

For home use, home offices, large rooms, businesses, conference rooms, and more, the Blueair Pro provides professional strength air cleansing. This air purifier will safeguard you and your family against the harmful effects of indoor air pollution. The Particle Filter on the Blueair Pro L is the best option for eliminating particle pollutants including pet dander, dust, and pollen.



Taking Care of Your Air Purifier

Owning an air purifier and maintaining it is only part of the story. Learning more about your gadgets and the quality of the air in your house is the best practice to keep your indoor air pollution under control.

Because the filter in your air purifier is responsible for storing all of the dust and particles it removes from the air, it has a capacity limit. This will need to be replaced regularly, and the frequency will be specified in the machine’s handbook.

Some types allow you to clean the filter, while others require that you replace it. Soak your filter in baking soda and water and brush it thoroughly when it’s time to clean it. Non-washable filters have a shelf life, so follow the directions on the box or in the manual and replace them as needed. For precaution, put on a mask and gloves to protect your face. Protect yourself during the cleaning procedure if you have severe allergies or if your filter is gathering any strong pollutants.

The Verdict

Clean air is something we’d all like to have in our households, and having an air purifier is one solution to improve this. Traditionally, you could only purchase an air purifier in the mall, but today you can buy one online for the maximum convenience and even at a bargain. We hope that our guide to the Best Air Purifiers in the Philippines will assist you in looking for the best air purifier for your house, given the wide range of models available from various companies and with various features and functions.

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