Best Air Purifier Necklaces in Philippines

Best Air Purifier Necklace Philippines

Having an air purifier ensures us a safe and virus-free home. But the truth is, we’re not always at home and we are not sure if we are breathing clean air everywhere we go. Have you ever thought of bringing your air purifier elsewhere? Seems odd, right? But the truth is… bringing air purifiers everywhere is now a thing, and this is where air purifier necklaces will take the spotlight. Yes, you’ve read it right — air purifier necklaces!

As much as air purifiers bloomed into the market, so did air purifier necklaces. These are tiny versions of the air purifiers that we have at home, except that they are battery-operated which means they are rechargeable and you just have to wear it casually like a normal necklace to bring anywhere. Since air purifiers are designed to purify the air in large areas at home, air purifier necklaces are only for single-person use. But, they do cover a decent amount of area around the wearer so you don’t have to worry. Although small and can be deemed as just a necklace, necklace air purifiers do the same fascinating thing as what air purifiers at home do! These devices are not like the portable HEPA purifier/filter as air purifier necklaces release negative ions instead. These negative ions fight back unnecessary elements in the air so they don’t enter our breathing space, only allowing clean and fresh air for us to breathe in.

Ready to purchase your air purifier necklace? Choose only the best. Here are some of the best air purifier necklaces in the Philippines.

Do personal air purifiers necklace work against covid?

Since there is still no concrete evidence of personal air purifiers or air purifier necklaces being a combatant against COVID, it is still not proven. The DOH doesn’t fully recommend the use of air purifier necklaces due to low efficacy. However, it is still not harmful to anyone in contact with the device.

Air purifier necklaces emit negative ions that attach themselves to potential pollutants in the air and eliminate them… only allowing the safe and healthy air to enter a person’s breathing zone who wears the said necklace. According to some minor studies, air purifier necklaces can give relief to depression and anxiety, and also can strengthen the body’s immune system. Still, it is not proven as direct protection against the COVID virus. But, it is said to be an effective device used to drive the pollutants away from the users’ breathing space. What matters is that these portable air purifier necklaces cause no harm to those who would want to wear them.

6 Best Air Purifier Necklaces in the Philippines

Aolon U2 Personal Air Purifier Necklace

This 50-gram lightweight air purifier necklace is not just a necklace but can also serve as a desk purifier or can be placed inside of the car! It has a charging time of about an hour and can be used for 10 hours, perfect for solo commutes, road trips, or just casually doing work at home or at the office. Other than that, it creates a 3-feet zone of clean and healthy air so you don’t have to worry about inhaling dangerous levels of bad air as long as you bring this personal purifier necklace with you.



AVICHE M5 Air Purifier Necklace

If you want a quieter device that produces very little to no sound, then this might be your choice. This heavy-duty AVICHE M5 Air Purifier Necklace has two operating modes: High Gear and Low Gear. In High Gear mode, the device will emit 120 million negative ions and can operate for up to 60-65 hours. While in the Low Gear mode, it will only release 100 million negative ions but can operate for longer periods such as 160-180 hours. This air purifier necklace also weighs just 50 grams despite its heavy-duty qualities. This device has a low battery indicator so you’ll know whether it may need charging or not. If you want to avail an expensive yet much effective air purifier necklace, then the AVICHE M5 is for you.



Nobico Wearable Air Purifier Necklace

This ultra-lightweight air purifier necklace is the perfect choice if you are someone who’s always on-the-go! The Nobico Air Purifier Necklace is indeed designed for busy and outgoing people as it weighs only 25 grams. However, this device is also best recommended for those who want to have a good night’s sleep as it produces only 5db of sound… you can’t even hear a single noise even if you are situated in a very quiet room! It produces a number of 10 million negative ions and has an operating time of 10-15 hours, perfect for those who safely want to travel or have a good sleep at night.



JTKE 6-Million Negative Ion Air Purifier Necklace

This child-friendly air purifier necklace releases 6 million negative ions at an operating time of over 20 hours, perfect for solo use. It also produces little noise and has an energy saving mode for those who want to conserve energy. Although quite heavy in weight, this device is still recommended for people who want to buy an affordable air purifier necklace of good quality.



CHERRY ION Air Purifier Necklace

This expensive yet super-efficient air purifier necklace comes with a free Cherry KN95 Mask! The Cherry Ion Air Purifier Necklace is a product from one of the Philippines’ leading mobile brands, Cherry. Ensure yourself of a safe, clean, and healthy environment as this device releases 50 million negative ions in total. It eliminates secondhand smoke and dust and is proven for longer usage. Quite expensive for an air purifier necklace, this device is worth it as it comes with a 12-month warranty from Cherry.



Boardwalk Air Prism Ionizer

This lightweight air purifier necklace from Boardwalk comes in a super stylish Prism design! This long-lasting air purifier necklace is a good choice for people who want an air purifier necklace that could go on any stylish outfit that they want. Aside from that, this product is re-tested for assurance of quality and is proven to emit 100-260 million negative ions! Not that this is stylish, but it is also very convenient and effective.



Is the Air Purifier Necklace Worth It?

It depends on the product that you are about to purchase. If you want to ensure quality, you might want to buy a slightly expensive air purifier necklace. But, it is still up to how the users manage to take care of the product that they’re purchasing.

As what is mentioned above, air purifier necklaces still have no proven evidence of being effective against COVID. But, people claim that these devices helped them when it comes to protecting themselves from pollutants, decreasing their anxiousness, elevating their mood, giving them a good night’s sleep, and much more. There is so much positive feedback from people who already used an air purifier necklace, just the reviews alone can convince you that it is effective and worth it.

The Bottom Line

Although not fully recommended by others, air purifier necklaces still serve a purpose to guarantee you clean and healthy air to breathe in. In these trying times, it is completely understandable that we tend to buy products that we think can help us in keeping ourselves and our homes clean by eliminating viruses such as COVID. But, there is still no better prevention than staying at home or wearing a mask if you have to go outside. These air purifier necklaces only help in providing us safe air to breathe in, but it doesn’t fight all the harms alone. We still need to double our protection for ourselves and our family against COVID, and if we want to, with little help from these air purifier necklaces.

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