Best Air Fryers in the Philippines

best air fryer philippines

Do you enjoy cooking for the family but are exhausted from doing it everyday? 

I feel you. You’re undoubtedly tired of your usual meal patterns by now, with cooking at home becoming the norm throughout the pandemic. You might want to consider using an air fryer to spice things up a little.

Air fryers are gaining popularity in the Philippines because they are seen as an alternative to deep frying. Air fryers allow you to cook food with no added oil and little to no added fats. This means you can still enjoy your favorite fried foods without the guilt or the mess of deep frying.

The growing concern with food safety and increased awareness of the hazards of deep-frying have prompted Filipinos to look for alternatives. Air fryers are seen by many as a healthier alternative to traditional ways of cooking food, which has caused them to become a popular kitchen appliance in the country.

Many people who love fried foods are wondering if air fryers really make a difference in taste. Air fryers don’t use any additional oils, so it will have a different taste and texture than deep-fried food. People who have tried air frying say that they’ve found the flavor to be comparable, but that it is much more crispy than deep-fried food.

Air fryer is a healthier alternative to the traditional frying method.

Air fryers can also be used for baking, grilling and other types of cooking. They are a great kitchen appliance for people who want to eat healthy but don’t have time to cook.

No one likes to spend hours in the kitchen cooking. Time wasted in the kitchen can be used for more productive activities like making a sale or coming up with new ideas. Air fryers are a game changer when it comes to cooking. They quickly cook up any kind of meal and save you from having to use large amounts of oil.

The air fryer is perfect for any type of food, whether it is fried, grilled, roasted or baked. You can also purchase an air fryer with an added steamer option, which means that your food will come out tasting fresh and moist with no need for grease or oil.

An air fryer, despite its name, is not a fryer in the traditional sense. It’s a little countertop kitchen appliance that cooks food by circulating heat around it. You can think of it as a miniature convection oven!

Air fryers are promoted as a healthier alternative to deep-fried foods when it comes to food preparation. These appliances are sometimes known as health fryers which are compact devices that sit on your kitchen counter and cook by blowing hot air. This means you can cook almost anything without using any oil. You may prepare meals with less fat and calories while maintaining the same taste and texture by using a quarter of the oil used for deep frying. They’re a better alternative to deep-fat fryers which will certainly help you cut down on your fat and calorie intake, but remember to eat in moderation! They have a removable pan and, in most cases, a separate basket where you place your meal. 

Most air fryers heat up rapidly or do not require preheating, allowing you to make meals in less time. It doesn’t heat up your kitchen like an oven, therefore it’s ideal for the Philippine environment.

What factors should you consider when buying an air fryer in the Philippines?

Because air fryers vary in size and functionality, deciding which one is ideal for you will be based on a few crucial factors. Consider what you’ll be cooking in it, how many people you’ll be feeding, and how much space you have in the kitchen.

If you just want a healthier, more efficient way to cook dishes, you may skip the bells and whistles and spend less money on a machine that does the job well. Avoid air fryers that require you to pre-cook the meat or any food; a good air fryer should be able to fully cook the food on its own.

More advanced models will be able to bake, roast, dehydrate, grill, and reheat meals, among other things. The hot air pumped inside these fryers is generally expelled by fans at the back of the air fryer, which means they can take up a lot of space when in operation. On a countertop, style and aesthetics are also vital.

We examine major and small kitchen appliances on a regular basis to determine which ones are truly worth your money. 

We tested each air fryer by cooking different dishes to see if it browned food properly on the outside and created a crispy texture on the outside by the time it cooked inside. We also looked at how easy each machine was to clean and how good it was in evenly heating and cooking. We also looked at how simple the settings were to use, and extras like how aesthetically beautiful the models were, how much noise they generated when cooking, and how difficult they were to engage with.

We put more than a dozen air fryers to the test and our top performers air fried food to a crisp texture with a moist interior and were simple to operate, with large, easy-to-read buttons that required only the owner’s handbook on rare occasions.

Which is the best air fryer in the Philippines, given the wide choice of air fryer brands and models available? If you are wondering, we have options for everyone on this list of the best air fryers in the Philippines, whether you want an easy-to-use model or one with additional features.

Top 8 Best Air Fryers in the Philippines 2021


When buying or choosing air fryers, the size may be the most common issue. Sometimes, the air fryer may be too small, even if it is considered a small kitchen gadget. Most of the time, the basket or rack is too small to hold one whole chicken properly. Although this hot air in the fryer cooks the chicken evenly, the top side of the meat is frequently very close to the heated rods and cooks faster– causing the rest to slightly get burned.

By introducing this combined appliance, the Hanabishi air fryer is the answer to our problem. An air fryer and oven in one. It even comes with a basket that drips extra oil and juices into the tray at the bottom.




It can be difficult to determine which appliance is ideal for you. It’s possible that all of the options offer the same features and are priced similarly. The one aspect that may sway you toward one air fryer over the other is any of these, however, looks do have an advantage sometimes.

This striking red Kyowa air fryer is the stunner you want in your kitchen when all the other options are basic black or white. It performs all of the functions of conventional air fryers while maintaining a classy appearance.




The Xiaomi Smart Fryer boasts a temperature range of up to 200 degrees Celsius and a 30-minute timer. These settings are quite normal for most mid-range air fryers on the market, and they’ll work for the vast majority of air fryer recipes you’ll find online. All of the controls are installed on the device’s front panel, which has only a few buttons and a small LED screen. Even the most inexperienced chefs would be able to figure out the controls in no time.




The 5.5-liter huge basket of the Kaisa Villa Air Fryer allows you to prepare enough food for the entire family or a large gathering. It comes with a recipe book that includes classics like French fries and fried chicken, as well as lemon garlic salmon, chicken meatballs, and desserts.




The Imarflex air fryer makes cooking as simple as possible. All you need is a good old-fashioned dial for the temperature and another for the timer. A power light indicates that it is plugged in, and a Heat light indicates that it is heating up and preparing to cook.




If you have more than one or two mouths to feed, or simply enjoy your food, this is fantastic equipment. With 2225 watts of power, the appliance uses Philips TurboStar technology, which effectively means it circulates hot air quickly in and around the food you wanted to cook for consistent results. It can be gentle on your prepared food by using temperatures as low as 40°C, but it can be increased to 200°C as needed.




The temperature control on many air fryers is simple enough to understand. What’s difficult to understand is how to determine what temperature to cook at.

While many air fryers feature a useful table to inform you what temperature to cook at, this Tefal air fryer has a sliding bar rather than a dial. Simply drag the bar under the picture of the dish you’re preparing, and it’ll be set at the proper temperature to cook it properly. The Air Boost technology ensures that the products are always properly crispy and evenly cooked.




Check out the Midea Digital Air Fryer if you’re seeking an excellent compact air fryer. This fryer also includes grilling, roasting, and baking capabilities. It cooks your food swiftly and evenly by utilizing 360° High-Speed Air Circulation technology. With a pre-set timer of up to 60 minutes, you can simply leave your food to cook while you relax and enjoy a delicious supper.



The Verdict

The best thing is that, unlike most traditional stovetop cooking methods, the air fryer doesn’t need to be watched while it is cooking. Simply prepare your food, place it in the chamber, adjust the time and temperature as necessary, and let the device handle the rest. While your dinner cooks, you can take care of other chores or responsibilities around the house. When the timer runs out, the device makes a rather loud alarm sound, so you’ll know your food is done even if you leave the kitchen.

Because of their affordable price, user-friendly controls, and high performance, I consider the air fryers listed above as excellent choices for beginners, inexperienced cooks, and budget-conscious consumers.

Having an air fryer at home is not only convenient for cooking, but also provides health benefits. We hope you now have a better understanding of the factors to consider when purchasing an air fryer. I hope you get to see how well these best air fryers in the Philippines perform. With this new kitchen appliance, it’s time to cook and eat healthily!

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