Belo Underarm Whitening Cream Review

Below Underarm Whitening Cream Review
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Belo Underarm Whitening Cream and Why It’s Best for Dark Underarms

A lot of people, if not all, have insecurities about their bodies, and it’s totally okay and valid. Likewise, it is okay to want to improve your outer image to boost your confidence. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel more beautiful and presentable for oneself or for other people.

For some, having a dark underarm is what keeps their individual self-esteem low. This prevents them from wearing more comfortable dresses such as those that are sleeveless, simply because they don’t want other people to discover that they have dark underarms.

If you are one these people, fret not, as there are skin products widely available on the market that you could choose from, and which actually works. In this article, we narrowed down the choices for you, and will discuss as to why the famous Belo Underarm Whitening Cream is something that you should consider as the trustworthy brand to treat your dark armpits.

But first, what is a whitening cream?

Products for skin lightening like a whitening cream could also be referred to as bleaching creams, whiteners, and skin brighteners, whose main function is to lessen a hyperpigmentation in the skin called melanin. Most users who try on these skin-lightening products have the primary motivation of remedying skin problems such as age spots, pimples and acne, and other hormonally related discoloration.

Typically, these whiteners are commonly used for the face to treat pimples and dark spots, but it could also be applied externally to the neck, nape, underarms, knees, among others.

How do underarms get dark?

Since our main topic is underarms, let’s answer the question, how do underarms get dark? Or what causes them to darken like that?

Armpit discoloration could be caused by hormonal imbalances, inappropriate shaving, or in some instances, is already a medical problem called Acanthosis nigricans, which is a dark discoloration mostly on the neck, underarms, and groin. Improper use of deodorants can also cause armpits to darken.

So, why Belo Underarm Whitening Cream?

The thing with the multitude of whitening products on the market is that it’s difficult to choose which products are legitimate, which are proven to be working and effective, and which are downright lying with its therapeutic claims. After all, almost every brand and product are saying the same promises of skin whitening within a certain time.

As mentioned, some even resort to false promises by saying that their product is going to instantly whiten a person’s underarms, only for its users to feel disappointed if no good results have actually surfaced. What a waste of time and money, right?

We don’t want that experience for you. In this post, we endorse the Belo underarm whitening cream, which is a trusted brand by both celebrities and ordinary people to aid them with their skin insecurities. Rest assured that we will help you through a comprehensive guide that will make you decide whether it’s the right underarm whitening product for you.

The ingredients

A product’s whitening claims could be verified through its ingredients.

Belo whitening cream includes ingredients such as Niacinamide serving as anti-acne and reduces inflammation; Alpha-Arbutin as a brightening property; gluconolactone as a moisturizer; and Witch Hazel as skin-conditioning agents, among others.

The benefits

The Belo Underarm Whitening Cream works best when applied during night-time before bed. Night-time is when the body starts its recovery process, and applying a whitening product at a particular area in the body such as your underarms paves way for skin repair and restoration.


For as early as two weeks, a whiter underarm could be achieved through continued use. Below is a list of the product’s benefits to help you decide better:

  • The underarm skin product will penetrate the area you want intensively whitened.
  • It contains ingredients such as Alpha Arbutin and Hydroxyphenoxy Propionic Acid as brightening agents.
  • It prevents redness that could be caused by improperly shaving and plucking your armpits.
  • The Belo underarm whitening product is non-sticky and easy to apply and carry.
  • It is Alcohol-free and Paraben-free.
  • Above all, it is clinically proven effective and safe for sensitive skin.

To maximize your underarm whitening cream routine, apply Belo Underarm Whitening Cream nightly. Then during the day, apply Belo Intense White Deo

What do the vets say?

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Final thoughts

To reiterate, no one should be questioned for wanting to improve their appearance. It’s not an indication that people don’t accept who they are just the way they are, but that the society has forced them to think that while a person’s attitude should matter the most, it’s the outward appearance that other people see first.

Whether it’s a dark underarm, a face with plenty of pimples, or overall uneven skin tone, a person’s desire to improve their outward appearance is valid.

Parting reminder: If skin discoloration persists, consult your dermatologist.

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